Phone Patch & ADR


Phone Patch

A Phone Patch feeds your live mic voice and any recorded audio you want, through an interface (the patch) and directly into your phone line.  You can also receive into your computer the voice at the other end of the phone line.  This is commonly what radio stations use for phone interviews.  Phone patches are also great tools to use in the event of working with a client who wants you to call their phone and record a message. 

For a recording session, you can call into our studio on a telephone and we will patch you in to the recording session.  You will be able to listen to the client and provide real-time feedback.  This gives you the ability to hear and direct the voice actor while we record it.  We can set up conference calls so that multiple people are able to call in and direct. 

Phone Patch: $195/hr  
Skype: $195/hr
ADR: $225/hr

  • All studio rates include sound engineer, edit, upload & transfer of files 
  • 1 hr minimum on all studio sessions

*If we dial out, a $50 charge will incur

After hours and weekend rates are additional, just give us a jingle.

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